▶︎ 方案一|外出租用:提供相機機身、相機鏡頭、攝影棚燈、拍攝道具等租借外出。
▶︎ 方案二|棚內租用:若已租借 NINGs 寧氏空間,在棚內租用設備享有全面5折半價優惠!【 50%OFF 】 

▶︎ Plan One | Rental for Outdoor Use: We offer camera bodies, camera lenses, studio lights, and photography props for external rental.
▶︎ Plan Two | Studio Rental: If you have already rented NINGs studio space, you can enjoy a comprehensive 50% discount on equipment rental within the studio! 【50% OFF】
█ 設備租借流程 

▶︎ 01 | 確認檔期

▶︎ 02 | 預約到店領取設備時間

▶︎ 03 | 到店領取設備及簽約
※ 租借時間是以日為單位計算,從租借時間開始起算24小時為1日,超時則會加收1日租金。

▶︎ 04 | 歸還設備及檢查設備狀況

█​​​​​​​ Equipment Rental Process

▶︎ 01 | Confirming Availability
Please inquire via email or phone to confirm the availability of the equipment you wish to rent for your scheduled rental period.

▶︎ 02 | Booking a Time to Collect Equipment In-Person
After confirming equipment availability, please make a reservation to collect the rental equipment at the studio. Generally, equipment pick-up and return times are available between 14:00 and 21:00. To ensure availability and avoid potential service disruptions due to studio busyness or staff absence, it is essential to schedule a pick-up time before arriving at the studio.

▶︎ 03 | Collecting Equipment and Signing the Rental Agreement In-Person
Please arrive at the studio at your scheduled time. After confirming that the equipment is in good condition, you will need to make payment for the "rental fee" and provide a "deposit" as well as one form of "identification." You will also be required to sign a rental agreement. Once the formalities are completed, you can collect the equipment and leave.
※ Rental periods are calculated on a daily basis, with each day starting from the rental time. An additional day's rental fee will be charged for any equipment returned past the allotted time.

▶︎ 04 | Returning Equipment and Inspecting Equipment Condition
Return the equipment to the studio before the end of the rental period. After inspecting the equipment and confirming its good condition, our staff will return your "deposit," "identification," and the signed contract to you.
Thank you! We will respond to your message as soon as possible. If you do not receive a reply within three days, please resend it謝謝!我們會盡快回覆您訊息,如果三天內沒有回覆請再傳送一次
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